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Ben - February 23, 2008

Alhambra Negra

Alhambra NegraThis month, we’re again beset by a box full of tasty treats from the Beer of the Month Club! Again, they have a fairly eclectic group this month from the likes of Southern Spain, Australia, and the US. This, the first of the bunch, is a dark lager from Spain, and one that we don’t see distribution of here in NC. So, while I’ve had some Alhambra beers while visiting Spain, I’m excited to give my take on this particular brew that I’ve never tasted before.

The Negra pours a (suprise!) black, stout-like, color. There is a thin caramel head, but it quickly dissipates, leaving nothing but a dark liquid with a potent nutty aroma. In the mouth, this beer is a pretty tasty dark lager. The biggest presence in this beer is a deep nuttiness. It is lightly sweet and quite bitter with a rooty, earthy flavor. There is also a noticeable smokiness to the beer that isn’t necessarily expected in this genre. Overall, it’s not a complex beer, but it IS very good in the vein of a bittersweet dark candy like horehound. The nuttiness and rootiness give this a twang that you won’t find in a typical brown ale. So, I’d recommend this lager to anyone fond of a standard brown ale, but looking for something with a bit of an extra ‘kick’.