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Ben - October 12, 2008

Unibroue Trois Pistoles

Ohhhh Unibroue. Purveyor of some mighty tasty beers. This particular brew is one that I’ve drunk on many occasions, often perched atop a bar stool at Milltown in Carrboro. I recently discovered that a review of this somehow never made it to SevenPack, so I’m going to go ahead and remedy that now.

The TP pours a verrrry dark brown color – it might as well be black except for the brown tints that find their way through around the sides of the glass. The head of this is big and rocky and caramel-colored, starting off towering and impressive and slowly petering off to a thin layer over the beer. The aroma of this is surprising subdued – you really have to get your nose in there to catch a whiff. Once you do, however, it’s very nice – full of dark cherry and grape. In the mouth, this is super flavorful. Technically, I reckon this is an abbey dubbel, but this is full of more fruit than any dubbel I’ve ever had. From the front of the tongue to the back of the throat, it’s all dark cherry and grape. There is some balancing maltiness in here, but not much bitterness to speak of. In addition, this has a pillowy mouthfeel that is super-soft, filling the mouth and attaching itself to the walls of the mouth and tongue. Overall, this is a really killer beer, especially if you like those dark fruit flavors in your beer. This comes highly recommended, is a great slow drinker, and tastes great both when ice cold and when at room temperature.