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Ben - March 10, 2009

Brooklyn Local 2

Brookly Local 2I’m always a big fan of Brooklyn’s special offerings. We here at SevenPack are fortunate to live near a pub that often receives specialty kegs of Brooklyn’s more exclusive offerings (such as the Savoir Faire – find it). At any rate, I’ve been waiting for the second entry in Brooklyn’s “Local” series for quite some time, as I found the Local 1 to be quite good. The word on the street is that it is essentially a dark ale version of the Local 1. Let’s see if that’s the case…

The Local 2 pours a very dark brown with purplish ruby colors around the edge of the glass where light enters the beer. The head here is thick and pillowy, full of dense carbonation and a rich caramel color, and it displays exceptional endurance. In the nose, there is substantial dark fruit. I’m sensing lots of grape and dark cherry sweetness along with light hints of toffee. In the mouth, this is a rich Belgian dark ale by the books. The dark fruit carries over into the initial taste. I’m getting mostly dark grape here, with some light maple syrup hints. On through the mouth, some lighter honey tints emerge, along with some rich dark malt. In the back of the mouth, I’m catching the slightest bit of licorice flavor and a hint of musty earthiness that sticks in the aftertaste for quite some moments. The richness of this beer doesn’t necessarily carry over into the mouthfeel, as this actually seems quite crisp and fleeting through the mouth. Nevertheless, the flavor is excellent, and it sticks around for quite some time, despite leaving you with a rather clean palate. All in all, I agree with the buzz – this is sort of a dubbel to the Local 1’s tripel. It’s delicious, obviously Belgian-inspired, and lives up to the prestige of the brewery and Local series.