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Ben - June 23, 2006

Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager

AbitaTo put it bluntly – the best part of this beer is the aroma. This lager is brewed with a heavy addition of Louisiana strawberries that add a tremendous amount to the great aroma of this beer, but a bit less to the eventual taste. This beer pours a traditional lager hue of light gold. As I said, the aroma is fantastic – very heavy with strawberries – so much so that you can’t really smell any beer characterstics whatsoever. The berry aroma is so strong that it literally hits you from the moment you pour the beer. The taste, while good, is more of a novelty. As is expected, there is a strong strawberry flavor to the beer – again, so much so that it ceases to taste like a beer. It seems that the cost of this berry flavor is the texture of the beer. While it starts off rather crisp, this beer settles to the back of the mouth with a slightly syrupy feel. This is, initially, not a bad thing. However, the intense sweetness eventually tends to wear on a brotha’ and I got tired of the sweetness. Furthermore, I notice that, as the beer warms, the pleasure of the flavor wanes heavily. You know how cold strawberries taste so much better than hot ones? Well, this beer is the same way. I WILL recommend this beer for those who are big fans of the strawberry flavor. However, I will also recommend that you enjoy it as a novelty and not a session beer, and I will recommend that you drink it while it’s cold.