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Dave - February 16, 2012

Lagunitas Sucks Holiday Ale

I have never been timely with my reviews (and why change that now?), so I am going to review a Holiday Ale in February.  Now I am not a huge fan of Holiday beers to begin with.  Sure there are one or two I look out for, but most of the time I find them too dark-fruity, too spicy, too boozey, or all three.  My co-worker however recommended Lagunitas Sucks, and valuing his opinion, I picked up a six-pack of the stuff a few weeks after Christmas.

Clear, golden-colored, with a head that rapidly receded to a faint white covering.  Pine sap, grapefruit, mango, and hints of tobacco in the aroma.  Clean with a heavy bitter finish.  Does that sound like a typical Holiday Ale to you?  For me it certainly does not.  Though the beer was enjoyable it does not change my opinion on the Holiday style because the beer is not one… it is a Pacific Coast Double IPA.

Now you might be kicking yourself because you skipped over the beer, thinking it was a Holiday Ale.  I would not kick too hard.  Yes the beer was enjoyable, but it did not stick out from the rather crowded Pacific Coast Double IPA pack.  (My co-worker recently told me he tried the Lagunitas Sucks Holiday Ale side-by-side with Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale and their was not much difference between the two for him.)

Photo Credit: walknboston, Creative Commons License