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Dave - November 3, 2012

Night Shift Brewing Somer Weisse

With Fall upon us I thought it was a good time to clear out the summer beers in the ol’ beer fridge. This was not a daunting task for the fact there was only one “summer” beer in there. Night Shift’s Somer Weisse is not a “summer seasonal” per-se (they plan to brew it year round, though in higher volumes during the summer) but they mention “flavors” of summertime and air conditionless July days in the beer’s description, so that is good enough for me. Speaking of the description, it also mentions the beer is a Berliner Weisse brewed with lemongrass and ginger. While Berliner Weisse and lemongrass do not scare me, the Berliner Weisse style is quite refreshing and lemongrass tends to impart minimal flavor, the ginger certainly does. Past experiences with beers brewed with ginger do not strike confidence in me but maybe Somer Weisse will change this, and enlighten me on the glories that are beer’s brewed with ginger.

Unfortunately Somer Weisse did no such thing. Upon my first sip, the thought that bubbled into my head was sour ginger ale. I enjoy sour beers, and I enjoy ginger ale, but it turns out I do not enjoy the two combined. As with the other beers brewed with ginger, the ginger is all powering, letting nothing else shine through. The beer did have a sour finish but the sourness was short lived and could not make up for the ginger whollop of the beer. Towards the end of the first glass the ginger became even more concentrated, reminding me of crystalized ginger, and this led to the second glass being a long slog to the finish.

Though I am not done with Night Shift Brewing as a whole, their Viva Habanera is a beer I look forward to picking up again, beer and ginger as a combo looks to be done with in my book. Unless someone brews a Porter with ginger… that might work…