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Dave - January 17, 2013

The Tally for Golden Pints 2012

golden pintsUPDATE! It was pointed out by the beer monkey that I missed some Golden Pint 2012 responses at Andy Mogg’s Beer Reviews. Since Andy is one of the coordinators of the Golden Pints, this was a large oversight on my part. Fortunately there were only a few entries not in Mark’s post (the one I originally used), so the re-tally was pretty quick. The four missed entries helped change some category winners, and those changes have been made below, along with uploading a new spreadsheet.

I decided to tally up the Golden Pints 2012 responses on Pencil and Spoon to see if there were any category winners or just a hodgepodge of single voted entries. Amazingly enough almost every category, minus “Food and Beer Pairing of the Year” and the “Open Category”, had a “winner” with multiple votes for it. Before I get to the results a quick explanation on the tallying. There were four main ways people voted: single entry per category, a first place with honourable mentions per category, a ranking of entries per category, unranked – multiple entries per category. “First votes” were given to single entries, and entries ranked first. “Second votes” were given to any honorable mention (if someone had four honourable mentions in a category, each one was considered a “second vote”). Second votes were also given to any unranked – multiple entry. This will hopefully make a little more sense when you read the results, so lets get to it.

With thousands of beers to choose from (and tens of thousands when considering the overseas categories) I was amazed even two people voted for the same beer, nonetheless many people voting for the same beer. For Best UK Draught Beer the winner was is a tie between two Magic Rock beers: High Wire and Bearded Lady Bourbon (23 first). The other beers that came close were Greene King 5X (2 first), and Magic Rock Cannonball (2 first). Next comes Best UK Bottled or Canned Beer with a two-way first place tie with Oakham Green Devil IPA (4 first, 1 second) and Buxton Imperial Black (4 first, 1 second). Thornbridge Kipling came in a close second with three (3) first votes, [update] and third went to Kernel Table Beer (2 first, 3 second)[update].

Moving to the Overseas categories, Best Draught Beer was claimed by Ska Brewing Modus Hoperandi garnering three (3) first votes and one (1) second vote. In the Overseas Bottled or Canned Beer there was a two way tie for first with both The Alchemist Heady Topper and Brasserie d’Achouffe ‘Houblon Chouffe’ garnering two (2) first votes. Coming in second and third were Russian River Pliny the Elder (1 first, 2 second) and Firestone Walker – Double Jack (1 first, 1 second).

Best Overall Beer was claimed by another Magic Rock beer, Cannonball received two (2) first votes and one (1) second vote. Tied for a close second was Buxton Axe Edge and Oakham Green Devil IPA both with two (2) first votes. Rounding out the pack was Thornbridge Halycon (1 first, 1 second).

Best Pumpclip or Label is next and was claimed by Rukus Brewing Hoptimus Prime (2 first). Breweries’ whose artwork was regarded highly by the voters: Redwillow Brewery (2 first, 1 second); Magic Rock (1 first, 1 second); Moor (2 second); Half Acre (2 second).

Even though Magic Rock claimed best UK Draught Beer and Best Overall Beer it did not even place in the Best UK Brewery category. Buxton came out on top with three (3) first, two (2) seconds and one (1) third votes. Close behind were Hawkshead (23 first, 2 second), Brodie’s (3 first, 1 second), Summer Wine (3 first, 1 second), and Kernel (2 first, 4 second).

Best Overseas Brewery was grabbed by Stone (4 first) though Mikkeller was right behind with three (3) first votes and four (4) seconds.

Best Overseas Brewery was grabbed by Mikkeller (4 first, 4 second) though Stone was right behind with four (4) first votes.

The winner of the Pub/Bar of the Year was a pub that at first I did not think was actually a pub (you Brits and your crazy pub names) Friends of Ham (2 3 first, 2 second). Other pubs/bars of note: North Bar (1 first, 2 second), Earl of Essex (1 first, 1 second), Euston Tap (1 first, 1 second), and Freetrade (1 first, 1 second, 1 third). Another great place to drink beers is the GBBF with five (5) first votes and claiming tops in the Beer Festival of the Year category. Indyman (4 first, 3 second) and Borefts (3 first, 2 second) also seem like swell times.

Next up, Supermarket of the Year. For those a) able to purchase beer in supermarkets and b) not morally opposed to purchasing beer in a supermarket, Waitrose was the clear favorite racking up an impressive thirteen (13) fourteen (14) first votes, and leaving all the others in the dust. If you are not picking the beer up at a supermarket, Beer Ritz is your best bet, winning Independent Retailer of the Year with six eight first votes (though I was happy to learn there is a nice bottle shop near my old stomping grounds of Old Street, London). For the Online Retailer of the Year Beermerchants can not be beat with a solid ten (10) first votes.

Reading about beer encompasses the next three categories with Melissa Cole’s Let Me Tell You about Beer (5 votes) taking Best Beer Book or Magazine. Best Beer Blog or Website handily goes to Boak and Bailey with twelve (12) first votes (second highest first vote count of all categories, only being bested by Waitrose’s 13 in the Supermarket category). If Twitter is your thing, and it certainly is not for all voters, @Broadfordbrewer (4 5 first) is certainly worth following, claiming Best Beer Twitterer. Might as well follow @simonhjohnson (4 first) and @filrd (3 first), coming in a close second and third.

The last category with any real winner is Best Online Brewery Presence and that goes to everyone’s brewery they love to hate, Brewdog with seven (7) nine (9) first and one (1) second votes. Hardknott garnered a pretty respectable second with four (4) first and one (1) second votes.

Though there was no “winner” in the Food and Beer Pairing of the Year a general theme was everyday food (burgers, chips/fries, pizza, fried chicken, etc) rather then haute cuisine.

As for “In 2013 I’d most like to…” and the “Open Category“, you’ll just have to read those for yourself. Speaking of which, I am going to attach the spreadsheet I used to tally everything up (copy/pasted from posts with “explanations” removed) so if you want to do your own tally or look at the information in a different way (what was the most voted upon style? average abv? etc) have at it: Golden Pints 2012 Tally