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Jay - October 9, 2006

Brooklyn East India Pale Ale

Brooklyn EIPAOk, so as much as I like beer, I’m not so steeped in the brewing culture as to know enough buzz words to do a beer review justice. I am, however, pretty good at making up words, which can make for interestingish reading. Plus, I’m now a Brooklyner, so I feel qualified to say good things about my local brewery.

The EIPA pours to a light, sparkly amber and is very aromatic. The head slips off into the ether rather quickly, which is slightly disappointing, but to the nose a sweet, metallic redolence is evident without much wafting. The hops are home, but they don’t wear the pants in this bouquet. The olfactory breadwinner is sweetness.

The requisite IPA hoppiness is present when the nectar hits the tongue, but dissipates pretty quickly into a very smooth finish. Maybe this is typical of an East IPA, but I’m no beerologist so I don’t know my ass from my elbow, much less an IPA from an EIPA. This isn’t a complex taste by any means, but it’s very forward and very good at what it does. The sweet, copper aftertastes sticks around for a while to keep the drinker entertained between sips.

As Matty reported on the BK Lager, this beer oozes class. Great packaging and presentation, great pour, great taste. This is, to me, the beer equivalent of the woman’s little black dress – or the man’s gray suit – it’s the perfect standby for all occasions. This would be a great accompaniment to savory salmon or pork dishes at a fine dining establishment, to beef jerky and popcorn while just kicking back and watching the game with the guys, or perhaps even to bar peanuts during an awkward reunion with an estranged illegitimate child. Celebrating your first born or your acquittal on that double homicide charge? This is your brew.

For tonight’s Monday Night Football tasting session, however, the main course is Macaroni des Trois Fromages (de la Boîte Bleu) avec Saucisses de Boeuf. And the BKEIPA fits the bill perfectly. Heaven in a mug.