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Jay - March 7, 2007

Brooklyn Brown Ale

Brooklyn Brown AleFor as long as I can remember—and in my advanced age, the horizon of my memory blurs at about three days—my brown ale standard has been the oft-on-tap Newcastle Brown, my faithful wingman in a world rife with Yuengling and Stella on draught. Enter, then, into the fray, the Brooklyn Brown Ale

The brew fills the glass with surprisingly dark, ebony-tinted brown. The head is fluffy and creamy and gives off roasted malt, brown sugar, chocolate, and just a hint of floral hops. Whereas the Newky Brown goes down fruity and smooth, its Brooklyn-brewed cousin is a bit more animated and lively en route to the gullet. It is decidedly more hoppy and bitey than the Englishman, but no less refined; kindof like a beer threw a dressy Oscar party and invited all his rowdy breakfast friends. Coffee, Maple, Chocolate, and a very demure Honey-Smoked Ham all showed up. Man, was that a fun night.

In short, The BK Brown tastes how a lazy Sunday brunch was meant to taste: a cup of Ghirardelli coffee and some 5.6% abv Aunt Jemima on your pancakes.